A Mobile App Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

It is possible that your understanding of what a mobile app marketing agency does is different to what we do when we do mobile app marketing.

Let me state what we do up front so that if this is not the service you were looking for you could leave now.

We build mobile apps – see more about what type of apps are below – for small local businesses and then charge a fee to help that business use their app to market to their local business catchment area.

We supply a push notification service for small businesses

We are a mobile push notifications service provider.

Our agency will either just do a push notification service for you or build you an app that will then be the point to which those notification messages are sent.

Your potential client or even one of your regular clients will load the app onto their phones and then we will send the push notifications through them for you.

An example of one of the best web push notification service options you could apply.


For this example, I will use a pizza business as my example.

  1. Step One – I build you the mobile app.
  2. Step Two – We apply one of all of the following methods to get people to add the app to their phones. You run a competition offering something people would love to get and then they will need to have the app installed on their phones in order to qualify. For example, twice a week you will run a draw for those who enter to win a large pizza of their choice. You will obviously only send that offer via push notification onto the app on their phones.
  3. Step Three ­– Or, each time a person pays for a pizza at the pay-point you get them to copy the app onto their phones. You could print a QR code onto some form of hard copy and have that at your tables too and even send it with each delivery you send out.
  4. Step Four – Or, you put the “Win Free Pizzas” on a flyer and hand them out everywhere.
  5. Step Five – Or, (and this is the last one I will show here – I promise) you run a local Facebook ad.
  6. Step Six – This is an optional step. This will go a very long way in keeping the app users engaged on a daily basis on their phones on YOUR app. What you do is create non-selling fun posts, images, videos or memes and post those either on your website or on social media or both. Then we send those out as a push notification message.
  7. Step Seven – OK, so I admit that this step is what it is all about. You run special offers, you give incentives or just simple reminders, and send those out at carefully chosen times to the app as a message.

This is all about the best marketing apps for Small Businesses

We build and host your app, we then show you a few ways that you can use to get a ton of people to have your app loaded onto their phones.

Then we market to those people via some marketing options to get you a lot of extra orders for your business.

This works best if you are a repeat-services business, like a hair salon, gift shop, makers, or fast food place or restaurant.

Businesses where people buy from on a regular basis.

There are a few different ways that you could use your mobile app to get sales and we will cover all of those options with you when we get together for a meeting.

We will never push you into getting a hosting app if we feel that your business will not get a lot of benefit from it. Sometimes your business will be better off with social media marketing or something else.

BUT! When it is right for your business it should become your biggest source of sales when you do it the right way. Scary simple.

The best part is that this service we offer you is ridiculously cheap.

In a nutshell. This is how it works.


You get people to load the app onto their phones.

Then when you have a quiet time, or whenever you like, you send out a limited-time offer push notification. Like this…

Get a free soda with each large pizza ordered before 12 AM today!!!

That one will go out at (just an example) say 10 30, then at 11 30, you remind them that time is running out.

Picture this…

This person is sitting at their desk working and their phone sends the push notification.

They see the message and think about it for a bit, and then carry on working.

But you have planted a pizza seed into their heads. They think about pizza each time they daydream about lunch.

Then you send out that second message…

They immediately click the order button.

Lunch Sorted.

Answers to Your Questions

What sort of businesses would benefit from the mobile app?

Perhaps I should start answering this question with a statement. I am a small Canadian agency and do not need dozens of clients, therefore I can afford the luxury of being 100% honest to all my potential customers.

With that honesty comes this answer to the above question about what sort of businesses need a mobile app.

You can divide businesses that need a mobile app into three groups.

Group one are the ones that definitely need a mobile app.

These would be any form of recurring service business. Grocery stores, takeout food places, restaurants, hair salons, gift shops, crafters, tanning salons, pet stores, clothing stores, real estate and a lot more. They are services or stores where people spend their money at often.

I added the real estate one there, and no people do not buy a house or two a month, but they do love to sneak a peek into other people’s lives, and therefore this would get a lot of attention as an app if people had it on their phones. Powerful brand building.

Group two would be those in the middle ground. And could use a mobile app, but do not need it desperately to get more sales.

Inside this group would be 90% of all other local businesses.

These would-be plumbers, electricians, kitchen manufacturers, shed suppliers, roofers, dentists, doctors, opticians, landscapers and a long list of others that would be too boring to keep on writing out.

It is an unfair world here as a plumber will hardly ever have “cool” images or things they could share as a fun thing via an app when a landscaper could easily find nice landscaping related items to share.

You would not be sharing 50% off offers, but more likely tips and tricks related to your business (how to protect your outside water pipes from freezing) and or images of fantastic things you have done.

The thing to remember here is that this becomes brand building and brand awareness and at the cheap fees related to this service it becomes a good marketing exercise.

I should point out to you here that this service would be a perfect way to add to your social media and content marketing that you should be doing for your business anyway.

Group three will probably never need a mobile app.

These are businesses like engineering companies, manufacturers of wholesale products and other products or services that the public is unlikely to buy directly from them.

However, they could still use an app for things like notifying their dales team of a meeting or for access to training modules.

I repeat the cost of the app is tiny compared to the potential “awareness” it could create. But as a rule, I would rather see your business spending time on SEO or content and keyword marketing or something that will bring better returns for your marketing spend.

mobile app marketing

What sort of business would use a mobile app for their marketing?

A large part of this question has been answered in the above questions answer, but I would like to take this a bit further than just push notifications and just having a mobile app.

Once your site is set up properly (from an SEO point of view) and your content (silo) marketing is underway, and you are then also adding social media marketing to the mix, your business will still get a massive boost if you send some of the better pieces of published content to people with the app on their phones.

Especially if this content covers cool things like videos or infographics and other things people would watch or look at.

This will give your site and or videos on your YouTube channel an instant amount of views.

All really good for your marketing.

Do you need a mobile app to do push notifications?

Yes, and no.

But the simple truth is that they cost a similar amount to set up, so why not have both?

Digital marketing via mobile apps
Digital marketing via mobile apps
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