Setting up your eCommerce website

This is another service that is severely limited. While I do offer this service to clients there is a high chance that it can be offered to only one client at a time.

What sort of e-commerce set-up do I offer you?

I only offer WordPress and woocommerce setup help and advice. While I do agree that certain shop-styled website businesses might run better on Shopify, 95% of the time a self-hosted WordPress website will be far better for your business from an overall point of view.

When is Shopify better?

If you plan to set up and run everything yourself without wanting to get deep into SEO and content creation and more.

Plus if you are simply going to run paid advertising to get your traffic. In fact, a decent social media marketing plan will drive traffic to your site well enough too.

Why is WordPress better?

If you would like Google and search engines to send you a ton of organic traffic and buyers then you need to create and set up a detailed system to have your website optimised for your buyer keywords and more.

There is quite a bit more work involved in doing things this way, but the rewards will be massive if you stick to it over time.

Woocommerce and WordPress.

This woocommerce system is what I will help you set up for your business and teach you how to add new products to your shop easily.


Once you have completed the form and sent it, I will look through the details and then send you a reply and or a link where you can go to reserve a time for our meeting.

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