Start Your Own Dog Business

Consultation | One-on-One

Set up an online meeting to discuss online properties and online marketing related to your business.

This could just be advice on a specific issue or a detailed overview of how to get a product researched and started within your business in the fastest possible way.

Cost | $125.00 per hour

Done For You Dog Business Ideas Research

The research I do for each individual dog-related product idea is also offered as a detailed package download.

I make a more detailed video about that specific niche or business idea and put all the keywords I found during this initial research into a downloadable folder for you to buy. This way you do not need to pay me for individual research for any specific product idea to be researched.

All these product packages will be added to and listed on a page that I will call Idea Research Packages. Click to go and see more.

Cost | $10.00 – $90.00

Sponsorship and Links

There will be opportunities where we could collaborate together.

This could be sponsorship from your end, if you have a product or service that I deem very compatible to my business.

This could also be linking opportunities from my site to yours or from your site to mine.

Niche Research

We go deep into a few levels of niche research for you to help you see the full potential for a specific niche you want to pursue in your dog business.

This will include the keywords from each level we drill down into to cover the niche idea in detail.

We include competition levels on a few chosen buyer keywords.

Cost | $1950.00

Keyword Research

This is the core of what I do for clients.

I will research a specific idea or sub-niche in detail for you. Most of the time this will return over 1000 keywords related to your specific product keyword.

You will also get the keywords sorted into specific categories so you can use them in your website silos.

You get detailed explanation videos showing you how to get the best results from your keyword sets.

Cost | $850.00

Hosting Choice and Getting a domain.

Hosting is a massive part of how well your website (read business here) operates.

Bad hosting is a serious problem. NEVER get the most well-known hosting providers, 90% of the time they are not focusing on you but on getting more people into their machine. You lose.

Watch the videos I have so you can be aware of what type of hosting to get, what type of domain to buy and even what type of website to set up.

Cost | Free advice

Free Premium WordPress Website

This service is VERY LIMITED.

If you use my affiliate link to get your hosting, then I will set up your WordPress website, and set up your emails (up to 5 of them).

I will then install the Premium Theme from Elegant Themes – The Divi Theme.

There are quite a few strings attached to this FREE offer, so I suggest that you follow the link for more details.

Cost | Free Service

Website Building Service

This service is VERY LIMITED.

I know how to build powerful SEO-orientated pet business websites.

I will build to the best-practices aspects that will get you the best possible results from the search engines and then give your visitors the best user experience possible.

The options here are a single set up fee with training then given in a video format for your staff to carry on with, or we could run a monthly running fee.

Starting at | $5000.00

Social Media Marketing

We do your monthly social media marketing for you.

This service will post up to 25 video and or static image posts for you daily.

We target specific pages and topics that you offer and then create the memes, images, banners and video shorts that you need to get the maximum exposure from your social media marketing.

There is an initial cost for creating the first 100 images or videos. ($1750)

Starting at | $495.00 per month

Mobile App

A mobile app that sends out notifications almost daily can be a massive boost to your sales – depending on your specific target market or chosen niche.

This works best for local marketing, but if your products are small (shipping costs are low) then you can grow a customer base so powerful that you will be amazed.

Click the find-out-more button below to see a video or two for more detailed explanations of this app service.

Starting at | $150.00 per month

eCommerce setup

There are quite a few ways for you to allow buyers to purchase from your online properties.

I suggest that before you consider some options, you watch the videos I have on the details page (click the link).

You will find options shown there for DIY efforts – as this might be the best option for you to do.

However, if you insist, I can do the setup for you in most cases. We have to talk first.

Cost | $1950.00

Many more Marketing services.

Because I have been running an SEO agency for more or less 14 years online, I am obviously very capable of offering a lot of other services that could be a massive help in the marketing of your business.

These are services like link building, press releases, content creation, graphics and other things like setting up your Google Business profile, or creating 100 social media profiles.

To see more of what I can do for you please go to this page.

Get all the help you need to start your pet or dog-related business

Please note that all these services are severely limited | some are limited to only a few bookings per month.

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